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More than 33,000 users across many industries rely on Praxedo every day. Whether your sector is telecommunications, energy, HVAC, utilities, or facilities management, the Praxedo mobile app empowers field technicians.
The same holds true of whatever type of work order you are completing ― be it after-sales service, after market, preventative maintenance, or service calls.

Out of all the mobile workforce management solutions offered on the market, we chose Praxedo because of the solution’s flexibility and modularity. Every single aspect of GLI’s maintenance activities is now dealt with using Praxedo.

Francis Frêne, Administrative and Financial Director at GLI,
Europe’s leading manufacturer of gas tanks, 120 technicians using the Praxedo solution

Robust and easy to use mobile app

Are you lacking comprehensive and reliable information when working remotely? Do you experience a high work order failure rate? Are you dealing with a large volume of work orders? Do you have to manage complex scheduling issues?
There’s good news Praxedo is already helping more than 500 field service organizations to boost efficiency.
Key features include:

  • Time schedule updates
  • Map-based view of schedule
  • Remote collaboration tools
  • Self-scheduling of nearby work orders
  • Monitoring of billable items (e.g., parts and professional services)
  • Online or offline mode
  • Availability on any mobile device with all major operating systems

Easy to customize, Praxedo responds to field technicians needs while integrating mobile workforce operations management functions including the:

  • Creation, qualification, and scheduling of preventative, repair, or troubleshooting work order requests
  • Transmission of work order requests to field personnel mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets)
  • Push notification of schedule changes to field technicians
  • Global positioning of resources (e.g., vehicles and/or personnel) and GPS navigation support
  • Management of forms on mobile devices (using drop-down menus and checkboxes), taking photos, recording audio and video, setting GPS location, and using digital signature and scan bar codes
  • Notifications sent to customers by text message or email to inform them of work order progress.
  • Transmission of service reports to customers by e-mail

Make the lives of field technicians and dispatchers easier, while increasing productivity and improving service quality

  • Monitor changes made to work orders in real time, including responsiveness to contract compliance and with recovery time guarantees, as well as notification of customers regarding progress on a work order
  • Time savings and productivity gains from adopting digital processes, including the elimination of paper work orders, an end to unproductive trips, as well as a reduction in the distances travelled to work sites and depots.
  • Increased responsiveness due to well-informed technicians (e.g., map-assisted scheduling includes a search function to find the nearest available field resource with the required skills, and simpler stock management for spare parts)

Because field technicians are better supported and have more logical schedules, they can concentrate on implementing work orders and providing an optimum standard of service quality.
With Praxedo, the benefits are immediate. If a field technician uses Praxedo to complete at least one work order each month, the per user cost of the solution will be recovered.

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