• Extermination (Disinfection / Pest Control / Vermin Removal)

Field service software for the disinfection,
pest control and vermin removal industry

Extermination specialists respond to numerous service calls each day as they audit, diagnose and perform pest and vermin removal of mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, and bed bugs.
Companies in this industry have teams of mobile technicians that perform many types of jobs every day.
Exterminators must handle emergencies, service requests, and regular maintenance contracts with customers, including condominium managers, restaurants, public buildings, and school cafeterias. Disinfection campaigns involving several dozens of apartments complexes are also common.
With all these customer service calls, extermination operators must find ways to optimize technician schedules and work order processing. Given the high volumes and the different types of requests, the old paper-based approach just can’t keep up. A digital field service management solution is needed.
Praxedo, a field service software solution, meets these challenges and more. Praxedo offers a fully featured mobile application, including work order traceability for field technicians. The application is without equal. It allows technicians to quickly enter work order reports while also enabling data security, full traceability, electronic signatures, as well as real-time transmission of validated reports.

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Praxedo facilitates and speeds up the administrative process of work orders. No more piles of paper records ― everything becomes digital.
Praxedo field service management software also enables route optimization. Its artificial intelligence module, SmartScheduler, allows schedulers to plan service calls in just a few clicks. It can handle large volumes of service calls while taking into account the technicians’ skills, the type of job, the materials needed, travel time and route selection.
The map viewer module displays each technician’s route so that the scheduler can better manage maintenance operations as well as respond faster to emergency service calls based on the geographical position of each available technician.

  • Optimize route planning for technicians
  • Track teams based on real-time updates from field technicians
  • Integrate photos into reports providing evidence of actions taken
  • Digitalize field technician reports
  • Improve customer communication with automatic notifications using text or email messages
  • Reduce billing time with real-time reporting of work order reports


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