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Equipment rental, regulatory inspections and certifications, large scale projects, lift and elevator maintenance are just some of the construction and building business areas. For its part, field service management is also diversified and deals primarily with processing large volumes of orders, equipment delivery and pickups, emergency repairs, maintenance operations, and traceability of service calls.

It’s easy to see why paperwork can no longer keep up with the pace of operations. Companies are seeking digital transformation of their business processes and are adopting paperless/electronic solutions to gain efficiencies. In particular, they need to monitor equipment location and operating status, optimize driver and technician routes, manage effective maintenance plans, as well as speed up billing.

Faster equipment delivery and retrieval operations


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A comprehensive field service management solution, Praxedo makes all the difference. The SmartScheduler module makes it easy to manage technicians’ schedules and create long-term maintenance plans in just a few clicks. Dispatchers can also modify schedules in real time in response to changing constraints, such as emergency calls or equipment repair. The mobile application provides field staff with all the critical information required to carry out equipment delivery and pickups or to start a repair job or to view an equipment history while performing a maintenance task.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Reliable equipment tracking (delivery/pickup)
  • Faster equipment delivery and retrieval operations
  • Better traceability of jobs, such as emergencies or maintenance
  • Improved customer communication with real-time notifications, including real-time reports and photos
  • Increased overall customer satisfaction and reduced customer disputes


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