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Create and track work orders from
the Salesforce Service Cloud console.

Salesforce interface

Praxedo provides a native connector to Salesforce that enables the smooth exchange of data between both systems, avoiding double data capture.

Dispatchers can access the Salesforce Service Cloud console. There, they can find contact information, call and email history, the most recent work orders completed, as well as reports.

When a customer calls, dispatchers can create the request from the Service Cloud console. If the problem identified requires a field visit, dispatchers can create a new work order form connected to this request.

The request for the work order form on Salesforce is immediately and automatically followed by the creation and scheduling of a work order in Praxedo. The work order is managed using Praxedo’s scheduling tools, including the SmartScheduler route optimization module, as well as the map-assist feature.

The scheduled time and assigned field resource records are sent to Salesforce in real time and are connected to the corresponding work order. The dispatcher can keep the customer informed about their work order’s progress at any time.

Once the work order is completed, the report entered by the field personnel on their device using the Praxedo mobile app is sent to Salesforce and the work order is marked “complete” in Salesforce.

Even if the request is closed, the record remains easily accessible in Salesforce so that future requests from the customer can be responded to quickly.

For access to the Praxedo Salesforce connector, please contact us.

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