Expand the scope of existing information systems to include field activities

  • API and SOAP-based web services

    Praxedo offers API and SOAP-based web services that can be easily connected to existing information systems.

    With Praxedo APIs, on your own, you can:


    • Send work order requests created in existing information systems directly to the Praxedo account


    • Receive data collected in the field using the service report
  • Data security

    To guarantee information system security, Praxedo APIs always act passively.

    Much as a request from a browser to a website, HTTPS requests are made directly from the information system to Praxedo.

    And, because requests are initiated by the information system, there’s no risk of network violation.

  • Project integration assistance

    With Praxedo API and web services, sample code developed in Java and C++ is provided to facilitate access. Praxedo technical consultants are available to support integration to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Flat file exchange

    As an alternative to API and web services, information systems can be interfaced with Praxedo, using other methods, in particular structured files exchange and using imported email.

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