How Intelgest improved its productivity by 20% with Praxedo

Using Praxedo has improved our productivity by 20% for some administrative tasks… We are also able to more accurately track our technicians’ time, which allows us to reduce time spent on payroll management.  

Mathieu St-Onge – Deputy Director – Operations and Finance


Industry : Security systems
Country : Canada

Tell us about Intelgest and its activities …

Intelgest is an electronic security integrator. We offer complete solutions for installation and maintenance of access control systems, CCTV, intrusion alarms, intercom systems, energy management and intelligent locks.

Our 15 years of experience makes Intelgest a value-added partner. As a result, we are expert advisors, qualified installers, and project managers.

The company generates 90% of its business from installation work and 10% from service calls. Maintenance services, such as equipment operational checks, database backup, battery replacement, camera lens cleaning, securing connections, and software updates, are also available as part of our service bundles.

Why did you choose the Praxedo solution?

Prior to using Praxedo, coordination and planning was complicated. All of our client communications was done by email or phone. Each project has several steps including installation of primary wiring, system components, panels, servers and programming. We needed a system to organize this process, as well as to manage the employees (tracking hours and planning routes) and to synchronize the administration with, among others, customer billing (parts and labor).

Who uses Praxedo and which of its function do they use?

The dispatcher shares the schedule with technicians and communicates real-time information as service calls are completed. Alerts and notifications transmitted from the web interface and the mobile application saves time and eliminates unnecessary calls.

Once a technician has finished a service call, the office is updated instantly.

For bigger projects, billing is done according to the percentage of work completed for the month. This data, collected by the technicians, is crucial for accurate customer accounts and invoicing.

What are the main benefits of Praxedo?

We have found that Praxedo has many benefits:

  • Improved internal communication and decreased non-productive communication. In particular, communication time has decreased by 50% because we’re using the web and mobile application interface to structure communications between the office and the field. Now phone calls are used only for exceptional situations.
  • Productivity improvements of about 20% for some administrative tasks.
  • Technicians are better informed. They know where to go, when they are expected and what they need to do. The ability to take/include pictures and structured data entry make reports easier to complete.
  • Technician notification when there are changes to the technician’s schedule is very important. Especially when managing emergencies, our sense of control and ability to focus is much improved.
  • Offline management is also an essential feature. Technicians can use the application even when they are working in a basement where the cellular signal is not available.
  • Finally, using Praxedo we have been able to reduce time spent on payroll management and time tracking is far more accurate. I have access to centralized information and a complete history of work orders and time spent per technician.

In the future, how do you see your working relationship with Praxedo evolving?

Intelgest is very satisfied with Praxedo. Our next challenge will be to reduce waste by 100% by eliminating paper. Of course, upon request, we will still provide a hard copy of a work order to our customers during service calls.

Praxedo supports a completely digital process so we will be able to do it!

We are also thinking about connecting the solution to our accounting software to further streamline billing management. This should be simple thanks to the openness and flexibility of Praxedo.

If you had to describe Praxedo in 2 words, what would they be?

First to mind are economy and simplicity. Our technicians adopted Praxedo right away thanks to the user-friendliness of the mobile application. They love it!

Then I think of operational efficiency. Praxedo allows us to offer professional services in a controlled manner with seamless processes.

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