GEOMS Group revolutionizes management of its field operations

The Praxedo solution is a real revolution for our technicians. They love the solution so much, they would pay for the subscription themselves if we asked them to!

Djamal Ouchiha, President, GEOMS Group

Technicians equipped:50
Industry: Security

Tell us a bit about your company and its business…

GEOMS was created in 2001. Today, we generate 4.8 million euros in sales. Our core business is to provide maintenance services for physical security products such as safes and vault doors. We exclusively target professional markets such as the banking industry. We currently have 18 in-house technicians to cover the Ile-de-France region, and about 30 subcontractors to cover the entire country.

Why did you choose the Praxedo solution?

  • To move away from paper-based operations

Before we started using the Praxedo solution, GEOMS primarily operated using paper. However, this made it difficult to follow up on our service activities and share information with customers. Our customers have evolved. Today, they want real-time information about service activities. To ensure we could further develop our relationships with our customers, we had to move to a solution that enabled paperless operations.

  • To shorten billing cycles

Using paper also caused problems with our billing processes. On average, we had to wait two weeks to get all of the information necessary to bill the customer.

  • Based on a customer recommendation

Our decision to adopt the Praxedo solution happened quite naturally. One of our customers in the banking industry recommended it to us because the company that manages their alarm systems already uses the Praxedo solution and is very happy with it.

On the advice of our customer, we contacted Praxedo. When Praxedo presented their solution to us, we were interested immediately because it provides exactly what we were looking for to computerize and streamline our service management activities.

Who uses the Praxedo solution and for which tasks?

We use the Praxedo solution at two levels in our organization:

  • In our call center

The web module is deployed in our call center. We have 3 support staff who answer calls from customers and use the Praxedo solution to log service requests.

Our dispatcher uses the Praxedo solution to schedule the service calls and plan technician activities a day or two in advance. If there is an emergency or a cancellation, our dispatcher can easily reschedule service calls in real time. It’s a very convenient way of working and it saves us a lot of time.

With automated service reports, invoices can be created as soon as a service call is completed.

  • In the field

In the field, we equipped our technicians with the Praxedo mobile application. Now, each technician has an online form that guides their activities. They can get updates throughout the day to see their latest schedule and they can complete electronic service reports. Our technicians are big fans of the Praxedo solution because it has revolutionized the way they work. They no longer lose information. And it’s a completely reliable solution. It’s been a real gain for us in terms of quality of service for technicians and for customers.

The solution stores information about previous service activities, including photos, signatures and comments, so technicians are informed before they arrive at the customer site. For example, they can see which type of safe or vault door they will be working on to ensure they bring only the equipment needed for the job. It’s very convenient for them.

What are the main benefits of the Praxedo solution?

  • Higher level of comfort and better quality of service

Once again, GEOMS technicians have become true Praxedo fans because the solution dramatically improves their level of comfort with each situation. They have access to all of the information needed in advance so they can better prepare for their service calls. They can choose the right equipment to bring. And the online forms help to increase quality by ensuring that information is consistently captured.

Monitoring of maintenance operations is also much better because quality of service has improved considerably. The Praxedo solution has made our technicians’ lives much easier and now they could not do without it. Frankly, our technicians would be willing to pay for their subscription themselves if we asked them to.

  • Faster dispatching and billing

In the call center, the Praxedo solution has saved us a lot of time in terms of dispatching and billing. We’re able to plan our activities in a much more dynamic and responsive way.

In addition, we have the real-time information needed to immediately bill our customers. It’s a real benefit to our organization. Before we had the Praxedo solution, our billing period was two weeks. Now, each of our three support staff saves an hour of work per day. That’s a total savings of 15 hours per week thanks to the Praxedo solution. It’s a considerable savings!

  • Better activity tracking

Finally, Praxedo allows us to better track our technicians’ activities in the field. For example, we can easily access the pictures taken at each customer site to determine exactly what work was completed. This can be very useful in case of a dispute with the customer because we can provide irrefutable evidence of the work that was completed.

How do you see the future of your collaboration with Praxedo?

We have been using the Praxedo solution for two years and we are very satisfied. The solution has really helped us improve our productivity and our internal processes. The benefits are considerable. And, I have to admit, we’re not even using 100% of the solution at this point.

  • More detailed follow-up

We will soon be working with a Praxedo Customer Success Manager to further refine the fields used on our online forms so we can improve our follow-up on exactly which services our technicians performed and which parts were used at each customer site.
We’re also going to start automatically sending emails to customers when service is completed so we can further improve our customer relations and our quality of service.

My goal is clear: I want all of our technicians to be using the Praxedo solution — our subcontractors throughout France as well as our internal technicians.

  • Integration with our future ERP solution

We’re currently using the Praxedo solution as a standalone solution. But, we plan to start using the Sage 100 solution in the near future and we’ll integrate the Praxedo solution with our enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. The fact that the Praxedo solution can integrate with other solutions is a real plus for us.

If you had to summarize the Praxedo solution in 2 words, what would they be?

It’s difficult for me to summarize the benefits of the Praxedo solution in two words. I would say “efficiency” and “comfort”. I can sincerely recommend that other companies adopt the solution. It’s well designed, practical, effective and easy to use.

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