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Praxedo: 16 years experience
in the mobile workforce management.

We created Praxedo in 2005, firmly convinced of the market potential for mobile technologies in field service. Back then, only integrators were offering solutions through specific app developments. We were certain that the future would bring packaged software solutions meeting customer specific needs of each industry via a simple configuration process.

Likewise, we were convinced that the new technologies would dramatically change service companies. We believed in SaaS and cloud at a very early stage, because it helps reduce costs and shorten deployment times so companies can focus on their core business. We invested in mobile technologies so as to ensure that our users can access the Praxedo application on most mobile devices available on the market. Praxedo has no interest in reselling mobile devices and leaves a free choice to customers to select the model that suits them best.

In business for 16 years now, our durability proves that our vision was the right one : Today, cloud-based solutions and SaaS offers are the new standard in the software industry; in the same way, the use of mobile apps is widespread, especially among field workers.
For the upcoming years, we believe that new technologies will have a great deal to offer regarding field operations. There is still a lot to do in terms of innovations and Praxedo works hard for this!

Praxedo : a sustainable and growing company

Praxedo rapidly became the French Leader and a global key player in the space of Field Service Management.

Even if Praxedo is often seen as a start-up company, due to its strong growth and innovative character, a long-term strategy has been defined. Since the beginning, the company has been supported by self-financing mechanisms and is still fully-owned and managed by its founders.

Praxedo has around 110 employees split up into our offices in Paris, Munich, Montreal and London. Our software is entirely developed in-house and our cloud-based platform is operated internally by employees belonging to the organization.

Praxedo is a never-ending and collective project in which every team member is involved. We care very much about our employees’ development. We are proud of having a very low staff turnover which allows us to rely upon a solid team expertise. Our company’s offices are all located downtown to make life easier for our employees. They benefit from regular training sessions and internal seminars, so they can stay sharp and progress.

With 900 customers, 40,000 users, Praxedo has proven to be one of the global leaders in cloud-based software solutions for Field Service Management.



We constantly strive to create value for our customers

We believe that mobile technologies are a source of significant innovation for all service companies.

And this is only the beginning… There are still many innovations to come: Internet of Things, global positioning, travel assistance, unified communication, shared whiteboard, video streaming, Augmented Reality – the list is endless! The new technologies are still changing the world of services and the way field workers – such as technicians – do their job in the field,

We invest heavily to provide our customers with even more value : half of the Praxedo team is made up of engineers all dedicated to the development of new features and innovations.

Our customers testify

Over 900 customers and 40,000 field workers use Praxedo every day for their field operations.

Our customers are both large accounts and Small and Medium Businesses.

Praxedo is used in many industries: Telecommunications (Network Maintenance / Optic Fiber Deployment / FTTH), Utilities (Electricity / Gas / Water Distribution), Security, Construction, Civil Engineering, Transportation, Railway, HVAC, Manufacturing, Facilities Management, Home Services, Medical Equipments, etc.

Praxedo helps increase productivity by optimizing resources and facilitating information exchange between field workers and dispatchers.

Both our customers’ loyalty and their testimonials show how well satisfied they are with Praxedo!

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Praxedo Partner Community

Everyday, Praxedo and our partners dedicate to changing the way service organizations manage their operations in the field.

Praxedo partners with top-level consulting companies, implementation experts, resellers and technology partners that use our cloud-based field service software to complement their offering and add value or accelerate their customers’ business success.

Get in touch with us to discover the benefits of becoming a Praxedo partner and boost your business.

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Where to find us?

  • Canada

    Praxedo Software Inc.
    7236 Waverly Street
    Suite 209
    Montréal, QC H2R 0C2

    +1 833-PRAXEDO
    (+1 833-772-9336)

  • France

    Praxedo SARL
    28, rue de Mogador

    75009 Paris

    Tel: +33 (0)1 40 33 79 79

  • Germany

    Praxedo GmbH
    Pettenkoferstraße 22

    80336 Munich

    Tel: +49 (0)89 125 036 280

  • Spain

    Calle O’Donnell 4
    28009 Madrid

    Tel: +34 911 274 783

  • United Kingdom

    Praxedo Ltd
    Becket House, 1 Lambeth Palace Rd
    London SE1 7SE

    Tel : +44 7723 559060

  • Portugal


    Tel: +351 215 559 631

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Praxedo is a young company operating as a start-up.

Being responsive and flexible, our organization gives top priority to R&D and product innovation. It shows much agility to enable a reduced time-to-market in an ever-changing marketplace.

Growing even further, we are always looking for talented people: developers, sales, engineers.

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